What Is The H1B Visa Process?

The H-1B is a temporary work visa that allows foreign professionals in specialty positions to work in the U.S. and even pursue green cards for permanent residence. For years, it has been the most popular nonimmigrant visa due to its flexibility, its portability, and its relatively low requirements. Due to this popularity, the H-1B application process is unlike the processes for any other visa. In this post, we will examine what goes into obtaining this visa and some of the top H-1B filing tips to increase your chances of approval and avoid common pitfalls. Check for H1B Visa Process in UT Evaluators As the 2020 filing window approaches, veterans of the H-1B process are already getting their documentation in order so that they don’t miss the filing date on April 1st.…
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Hyundai Eon Facelift Review & Test Drive

Hyundai Eon Overview Hyundai entered the entry level car segment with the Eon hatch. It was for the first time a car of this size and budget offered modern looks and premium features. Primarily aimed against Maruti Suzuki, the Eon challenged its dominance in the micro hatch segment.While everything worked in its favour, it is the engine which lacked punch. Many felt the 800cc engine could do with a better power delivery to tackle city traffic. Hyundai, known for paying attention to customers, worked on it and introduced a 998cc Kappa engine in the EON in the Magna+ variant only.Check for car loan interest calculator. This addition also benefits Hyundai in tackling a larger segment. The smaller 800cc engine can battle it out with the core entry level cars like…
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