Renault Lodgy Review & First Drive

Renault Lodgy Overview The slab-sided Lodgy is no looker and is an MPV that puts practicality above aesthetics. Its low floor allows easy access into the cabin while all-round visibility is good. The cabin is neatly done but isn’t what you would call rich. Space and comfort in the first two rows are fine, though the option to slide the middle seats is missed. Even so, the third row is adequate for two adults. It’s just that the last row’s knees-up seating position is awkward. The Renault gives the option to split and fold, or even entirely remove the third-row seats to make serious room for luggage. The base Lodgy’s 85hp, 1.5-litre diesel motor is surprisingly adept and incredibly efficient. The 110hp version, on the other hand, doesn’t feel completely…
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