Fyers has the most hassle free way for millenials to invest in the Indian stock market

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Fyers is an online stock brokerage company with stock analysis tools. The brokerage has introduced a thematic investment platform that allows anyone to invest in their ideas, without actually looking at the stocks. This allows millennials to invest in the stock market just like professionals. Each theme has stocks from hand picked, well performing companies.

Users of the platform only have to select the ideas that think will give the maximum returns for the future. The themes are simple to understand, such as “consumer electronics”, “core sectors”, “cashless economy”, “navratnas”, “celebrate monsoon” or “sugar fest”. Each theme is accompanied with information on how volatile the theme is, an index, and a mechanism to track the trends for that theme. Each theme has a minimum individual investment.

The “sugar fest” theme for example is easy to get into, and only requires a minimum investment of Rs 1,116. Investing in the Navratnas requires a minimum investment of Rs 20,918. Users can filter the themes according to a minimum investment amount that they are comfortable with. There are additional filters for the best performing, most popular, and categories of themes. Fyers claims that the top 20 per cent of the thematic investments on its site have outperformed the best equity provided by mutual fund investments in India.

Tejas Khoday, Co-Founder of Fyers says, “As people are becoming increasingly busy, it is difficult to allocate dedicated time for themselves, let alone investing. Through our platform, anyone can invest in several professional themes within a few minutes. What’s best is that you can start investing with less than ₹5000 in your account. It is a more hands on and exciting approach than putting your money in mutual funds. Also, while mutual funds charge up-to 2.5% of AUM as fees, we charge a flat fee of ₹100 only per theme.”

Thematic investments provide an alternative to mutual fund investments. Fyers offers one of the simplest and easiest ways to invest in the Indian stock market. The brokerage charges are among the lowest in India, with a maximum fee of Rs 100 per transaction. Equity is charged at 0.1 per cent, futures are charged at 0.01 per cent, and options are charged at Rs 10 per lot. Fyers has a free smartphone app for iOS and Android.


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