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Hyundai Eon

Hyundai Eon Overview

Hyundai entered the entry level car segment with the Eon hatch. It was for the first time a car of this size and budget offered modern looks and premium features. Primarily aimed against Maruti Suzuki, the Eon challenged its dominance in the micro hatch segment.While everything worked in its favour, it is the engine which lacked punch. Many felt the 800cc engine could do with a better power delivery to tackle city traffic. Hyundai, known for paying attention to customers, worked on it and introduced a 998cc Kappa engine in the EON in the Magna+ variant only.Check for car loan interest calculator.

This addition also benefits Hyundai in tackling a larger segment. The smaller 800cc engine can battle it out with the core entry level cars like the Nano and the Alto 800 whereas the bigger engine can compete against the likes of Datsun GO and Maruti Suzuki Alto k10. How much has changed in the ‘bigger’ Eon is what we find in our review.

Hyundai Eon Look

As already mentioned above Hyundai embodied their fluidic sculpture design language in the Eon and we actually never expected nor thought that the entry level offering can look this good.The Eon gets a hexagonal sunken type grille towards the front with the Hyundai logo integrated in it and this might look identical to the ones you will find in the i10 also. The swept back clear lens headlamps halogen units further contributes in its good looks. Another interesting styling feature towards the front is the new bumper which finishes towards the stylish front wheel arches.

Talking about the wheel arches in particular Hyundai has made the wheel arch slightly beefy perhaps to hide the small dimension of the car and add some more flair and muscle to its overall design. The side profile of the car looks rather simple though and there is a character line which begins from the front headlamps and finishes towards the rear taillamps. What looked odd to me are the puny 13 inch wheels although the variant I drove was the top end Sportz variant while the base variant gets even smaller 12 inch wheels.

Although the car looks wide and long towards the front profile the rear profile of the hatchback gets a short overhung. The beautifully finished taillamp design definitely will catch your attention too. The hatchbacks fit and finish quality looked superb and honestly I searched for panel gaps (thinking that it was an entry level offering) but to my surprise found none actually which truly impressed me. However one thing which disappointed me was the rear boot opening which actually is small and also taill and might cause problem while loading or unloading any luggage or good from the boot.For more details on Hyundai Eon check Bioinformatica

Hyundai Eon Comfort

To give a contemporary looking cabin in small/budget cars has always been a challenge for manufacturers. But Hyundai has tried its level best to ensure Eon’s interiors measure up in the segment. The car is bit plasticity inside but the overall execution in terms of fit and finish and visual appeal is appreciable. The budget-conscious folks will not find any reasons to complain in terms of fabrics used in seats and door trims.

Four average adults can comfortably sit in but will be definitely a squeezing affair if the fifth one comes into the picture. The car offers a lot of storage spaces to store those knick-knacks. The dual tone beige and grey color scheme, as well as the seats, compliments the practical proportions of the car. The boot space is adequate enough to carry a small family’s average holiday luggage.

The mid variants come loaded with an audio system that gels well with the multilayered dash. Move on to the top model such as Sports Edition and you will get 6.2-inch touchscreen AVN system. The infotainment can be paired to your smartphone and is powered by 2 speakers placed in the door panels. This seems to be an attempt to counter rival Renault Kwid. Other comfort features included in the car are power windows, internally adjustable ORVM, bench folding rear seats, rear parcel tray and remote fuel lid opener.

Hyundai Eon Gearbox

There are lots of vibrations and grunts at lower rpms. In fact the gear stick starts trembling as soon as the engine is cranked. The gear stick has vibrations at lower rpms however with the increase in engine rpm, these vibrations tend to fade away.While the above is true for the smaller 814cc engine, it has considerably changed for the larger 999cc engine. The increase in the displacement might not appear great on paper but then it has changed in real. To begin with, the engine does not rattle and shiver and instead has exhibits confidents. Rev it at neutral and even then there is no knocking of any sort.

The underpowered feeling has gone completely and now it feels like a proper small car instead of an entry level compromising hatch. The number of vavles has gone up from 9 to 12 and it now features a dual overhead cam mechanism. This 998cc engine produces 69PS at 6200 rpm and a torque of 94.1Nm at 3500 rpm.

The drive quality has improved drastically. The engine now builds speeds with ease. The suffocating behaviour of the engine has reduced. It holds on the power band for longer and delivers enough punch at lower engine speeds thus the potential to battle bumper to bumper traffic situations has gone up. Super smooth gear shift is an added benefit.

Steering wheel does a good job manoeuvring the Eon in city but the same is not effective on highways. It tends to lose its grip on highways and at great speeds. It remains stable till 110 – 120 km/h but the moment you push the throttle harder and try reaching 140 km/h, it is highly unstable. Agreed, it is not a car to be driven on those speeds but stability is one area, this one needs to work on.

Hyundai Eon Riding

The Eon is an extremely light car and has been fitted with McPherson strut suspension setup towards the front and Torsion Beam Axle setup towards the rear which provides well cushioned ride in the city but the hard bumps and bruises can be felt easily inside the cabin. The car feels well planted on road but there is a slight body roll if you push the it hard in the corners. Although I did not get a chance to sit in the rear bench while the car was in motion but I felt the hatches suspension setup works quite well in lower speeds and inside the city.

The electrically assisted power steering felt light and you can actually use your two fingers to maneuver the car. The Eon uses disc brakes towards the front and drum brakes towards the rear which are quite responsive too. Book Hyundai Eon Test Drive.

Hyundai Eon Safety

Hyundai has the best in class braking capability and it is really surprising. The car has a good bite force and comes to halt without and fuss and side movements. In terms of safety, the carmaker has given a reinforced body structure to counter huge force generated on impact. Other than that, you get driver side airbag, front fog lamps, engine immobilizer, central locking, child safety rear door locks, and remote keyless entry.

Hyundai Eon Price in Pune

Hyundai Eon On-Road Price in Pune ranges from 3,94,579 to 5,08,338 for variants EON D Lite and EON Sportz respectively. Hyundai Eon is available in 10 variants and 5 colours. Below are details of Hyundai Eon variants price in Pune. Check for Eon price in Pune at Autozhop.

Hyundai Eon Bottomline

Hyundai quietly slipped the Eon 1L in the market without making noise around it. The Eon offers a lot more than the competition in terms of features and design. It is also backed by Hyundai’s reliability. Its primary drawback is the space constraint which gets highlighted once the cabin is occupied completely. The other is vague dynamics at high speeds but that is only when you travel on highways at speeds above 120km/h. One has to realise that the Eon is more of a city car that ticks all the right boxes for someone looking for a hatch at under Rs.4 lakhs.

The small hatch is basically available in 7 different variants. The base model D-Lite is priced at Rs. 3.33 lakh while the top spec Magna Plus can be purchased at the price tag of Rs. 4.66 lakh, ex-showroom, Delhi. Hyundai Eon is still nothing short of impressive and holds a prominent position among the league where Maruti Alto, Renault Kwid, and Datsun redi-GO are already competing against each other.

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