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Nissan Terrano OVerview

Nissan has launched the facelift Terrano in India today. The updated SUV gets minimal changes to the exterior while inside is where one will find the maximum number of changes. The Terrano was launched in India back in 2013 and based on the same platform which Renault uses to underpin their Duster SUV as well. The updated Terrano get 22 brand new features which have been provided to strengthen the SUV’s smarter and bolder appeal to customers.

Nissan says that the SUV will compliment the lifestyle of today’s Indian customers. The updated Terrano although does not get any mechanical upgrades to its engine. It still continues with the same 1.6-litre petrol and the 1.5 Litre diesel unit. Transmission option for the facelift car includes a 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual and a six speed automated manual which is made available only with the more potent diesel variant. Check for Nissan car Price, Review & Specifications at CarzPrice

Nissan Terrano Exterior & Style

Dimensionally, Nissan Terrano measures 4.33m in length with a width of 1.83m. Its overall height with the fixed roof rail is 1.67m. The wheelbase of 2.67m adds more to the interior spacing which is already abundant given its incredible height. Nissan Terrano has a ground clearance of 205mm, which is similar to that of Renault Duster, but is an add-on advantage that will keep this SUV going easily on any terrain.

The side profile of Nissan Terrano has angular bold lines which are different from Duster’s curvy lines. The flared wheel-arches make the Terrano look aggressive, distinguishing it from most of Nissan’s models in India. The doors have two horizontal creases in them that enhance the butch look, but it isn’t enough to alleviate the organic lines of the rest of the car. The rear end bears no similarity to any of the Nissan SUVs and it is evident that Nissan has developed a new tail lamp cluster without fiddling too much with the Duster lamps. It gets a chrome garnish to add a premium feel, but the overall appearance is rugged with roof rails and silver skid plates. The flared up wheel arches of this SUV are endowed with a set of diamond-cut 16” machined light -weight alloy wheels in the top end variants, while the base as well as the mid variants are fitted with similar sized robust steel wheels, which certainly make the SUV look sportier. These classy rims have been further equipped with tubeless radial tyres of size 215/65 R16, which have a superior road grip on any terrain.

Nissan Terrano Interior & Cabin

The cabin of the Terrano attempts a somewhat similar freshening up just like the redesigned exterior. But, the extent of change inside the Terrano is much lower than the outside. However, Nissan engineers have managed to still lift up the overall premiumness of the cabin, though this might be more evident in the top-trim variants. There is a slight variation in the interior colour theme, though the dashboard layout and major elements are mostly carry-forwards. There are a few changes such as the flip open storage box at the top of the centre stack. The combination of circular and rectangular aircon vents and the piano-black finish for the centre stack caught my attention in my test mule.

Faux wood door handles and the chrome bits all around the cabin are other elements that help boost the feeling of quality inside the Terrano. The rear aircon vents positioned between the two front seats (also found in the Duster) will be a blessing during the forthcoming summer. The steering wheel and the instrument cluster also see some modifications

Nissan Terrano Engine & Gearbox

The Nissan Terrano shares the same engine lineup that includes 1.6-litre petrol and 1.5-litre k9k diesel engines. The 1.5-litre diesel engine is offered in two states of tune like the Duster, producing 85 PS, 200 Nm and 110 PS, 248 Nm respectively. On our media drive in Udaipur we got to test both the 1.5-litre diesel engine variants. The Renault sourced 1.5-litre k9k diesel engine is a gem and both 85 PS and 110 PS versions have their own merits. The 85 PS diesel gets the hold of power immediately with a fractional amount of turbo lag. It provides continual power delivery right from the word go until the mid-range, post which the power starts fading away. This particular setup is ideal for city driving conditions where you need initial and mid-range grunt. The engine feels lively from a low 1200 RPM till 3500 RPM. Above 4000 RPM the power feels inflexible.

The Terrano 85 PS gathers speed till 130 km/hr without much effort and the engine feels creamy. Reaching 140 km/hr and above is time consuming and after that the engine feels worked out. Mated to the 85 PS engine is a 5-speed manual gearbox with perfect ratios for city driving conditions. You don’t need to work the gearbox for ambling around town, as it has minimal turbolag. The 85 PS can even be kicked off in the second gear at dead speeds. The gear ratios are even sorted for winding inclines but out on the highway you need to downshift for slick and speedy overtaking. At 100 km/hr the RPM needle hovers around 2500 RPM.

Coming to the 110 PS diesel, the turbo lag ailment is there being a thick one until 2000 RPM, post which the turbo kicks in and you get a good boost of twisting power with some torque steer. The torque wave is enjoyable to ride on once you get used to the gear ratios and maintain your gearshifts within the turbo zone. The real action lies in the mid and top range of the rev band, which makes the 110 PS Terrano a terrific highway cruiser. The engine feels creamy throughout the range with top notch refinement. The 1.5-litre engine enjoys revving up to 5000 RPM.

Mated to the 110 PS version is a 6-speed manual gearbox. It is a rather long legged transmission, which is very convenient on the highways. At 100 km/hr in sixth gear the engine spins around 2200 RPM being in the turbo band, which means the car has relaxed cruising ability with enough grunt for high speed overtaking. There is no need to downshift for overtaking trucks as far as you are in the turbo zone. On the flip side, the engine needs to be learnt for city driving and steep incline sections. The initial turbo lag has to be treated with frequent downshifts otherwise you tend to do clutch slips. The clutch operation feels a bit stiff, which adds to the hectic drivability in congested traffic but it’s not a deal breaker as you would enjoy this engine once you get a hang of it.

Nissan Terrano Driving Dynamics

In terms of ride, unsurprisingly, the Terrano does brilliantly. It smothers even the biggest of potholes with ease and you don’t have to slow down for rough roads. In fact, the faster you go over rough surfaces, the better the ride.As for handling, the Terrano feels very stable at high speeds and rarely gets out of shape. Even in normal driving, the handling is pretty impressive for a high-riding SUV. There is a bit of body roll due to the soft suspension setup, but it is never too much. And you always feel in control of the car. Also, when you want to have fun, the car’s direct steering is quite rewarding. It’s light enough when you want it to be and weighs up at speed, and this adds to the overall fun. Check for Nissan car dealers in India

Nissan Terrano Braking & Safety

Nissan Terrano boasts of a staunch and robust braking system. The front wheels of the compact SUV are incorporated with discs which make braking deft. While the front axle of the SUV has an independent McPherson strut type of mechanism with a coil spring and also a highly advanced anti-roll bar; the rear axle gets a torsion beam axle along with coil springs and a similar anti-roll bar for enhanced comfort for the rear passengers. Both these systems put together ensure that the passengers as well as the SUV are stable at all times. The top-end versions of the Terrano are equipped with the sophisticated Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) along with electronic brake force distribution technology, coupled with brake assist and a stability control module to further upgrade the braking mechanism of the SUV. Other safety features comprise of an engine immobilizer, central locking, driver seat belt reminder, doors-not-well-closed reminder, rear defogger, reverse parking sensor and a heated tailgate glass warning light.

Nissan has given considerable attention to the safety aspect of the Terrano. The steering wheel is tilt-adjustable and the power steering is highly responsive to aid manoeuvring of the SUV. The front fog lamps and a rear defogger along with a wash-&-wipe function incorporated in the rear wind screen, helps in giving better visibility in rainy and overcast conditions. The fog lamps also enhance the visibility of the vehicle.

Nissan Terrano Price

Nissan Terrano Ex-Showroom Price in Hyderabad ranges from 9,90,107/- (Terrano XL P) to 14,29,722/- (Terrano XV D PRE 110 PS AMT). Get best offers for Nissan Terrano from Nissan Dealers in Hyderabad  Check for Terrano price in Hyderabad

Nissan Terrano Verdict

The Terrano doesn’t really offer anything over the Duster besides the significant styling differences. However we believe the Terrano will be well received because it’s a handsome and more premium looking design and will appeal to those who think the Duster has become a little pass. The significantly tweaked visuals and similar kit should be incentive enough to spend what we believe will be Rs 50,000 to 70,000 more than the equivalent Duster. Nissan will start taking pre-sales bookings from the first of September while the car will officially go on sale in October during the festival season. The compact SUV segment just got a hot new player.

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