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First introduced in 1996 as the company’s entry-level sports car, the Porsche Boxster is now in its third generation, and it just received the GTS treatment with exclusive features and more power. Redesigned to include styling cues from the 911 and 918 Spyder, the third-gen Boxster also received a new, more rigid chassis, revised engine, and a small weight reduction compared to its predecessor. The engine lineup included three flat-six units at first, but this changed in 2016 when a comprehensive facelift replaced them with smaller, turbocharged flat-four powerplants. The update also brought a new name, with the “718” denomination added to the “Boxster” badge as a tribute to Porsche’s iconic race car from the late 1950s. With both the base model and the higher-performance S version already in showrooms, Porsche just expanded the Boxster family with the higher performance GTS version.

Spotted testing in the wild since 2016, the GTS is one of two higher performance versions of the Boxster. While not as aggressive and exclusive as the Spyder, the GTS is indeed a significant upgrade over the Boxster S. Lighter, more powerful, and fitted with extra gear; it gives owner access to more speed and quicker sprint times. When GTS prototypes were first spotted on the road, the first question that came to mind was whether or not the nameplate would also make a switch to turbocharged engines. As it turns out, the naturally aspirated Porsche is slowly dying, and the Boxster GTS also embraced forced induction. How does it compare to the previous model? Find out in the review below.


Precise and this time fanciful too. Self-assured, not restrained. Low, wide and sleek. The exterior design of the 718 models is distinguished by sporty edges and clearly defined formal contours. Sharp, snappy, clean – inside and out. The design is striking. That is how Porsche describes the Boxster too. The difference between the Boxster and the Cayman being the convertible and non convertible roof. The roadster soft roof makes the Boxster have a different sex appeal and in its own league. The teardrop designed headlamps are coated black from the inside to make it more sporty.

The bumper is a strange design. I starts from the side but towards the centre goes deep into the bonnet. This is to keep the typical Porsche wing design intact. Here the centre is low and the side bulk out like wings. At Least that is how Porsche puts it. From the side it is a bit more sporty. There is a bold shoulder line they runs through the lower side of the window. That is also where the door handle is and at the rear air intake scoop for better aerodynamics. The big wheels with low profile tyres fit well into the large wheel arches.

Thee wrap around kidney shaped LED tail lamps remain the same with black insights for a sportier feel. The rear looks more like a sportback than a sports car. The shoulder line that starts just above the headlamp flows all the way to the rear just above the tail lamp. This makes the body look like a different entity from the cabin area. There is a nice black strip that flow from tail lamp to tail lamp with the Porsche Boxster badging. And a single bazooka like exhaust in the centre at the base.


The newly introduced Black Edition trim gets an all black interior color scheme that is accentuated by a lot of brushed metallic accents. At the same time, this model series gets heated seats inside the cabin that further offers a luxurious traveling experience. Apart from the black scheme, its entire design has been retained. On the other hand, its regular versions provides an option for the buyer to personalize its cabin according to their taste. The dashboard is equipped with the same three spoke design sporty steering wheel that is positioned appropriately in a way to suit the driver. It also includes an instrument cluster that comes with a 4.6-inch TFT color screen that displays all the necessary information and makes it quite convenient to the driver. The steering wheel, gear lever as well as door pull inlays are all wrapped with fine quality leather. The silver finishing on air vents, center console trim, door release levers, glove compartment release and a few others further adds to the refined tone of its interiors. On the other hand, it includes some utility based aspects as well like clothes hooks on seat backrests, two individual cup holders, storage compartment in each door and lockable glove compartment to name a few. Apart from these, it also has a accessory socket for charging mobiles and other electronic devices.

This model is bestowed with several advanced comfort features, which certainly ensures a fatigue free driving experience. The company has incorporated the internal section with sports seats featuring side bolsters that provides excellent support all the way from neck to thighs. It also has electrical adjustment function featuring memory setting for driver seat that adds to the convenience level. It also has an automatic air conditioning system featuring an integrated active carbon filter, which keeps the entire ambiance pleasant. However, buyers can opt for a robust 2-zone automatic air conditioning system, which provides individual controls for driver and front co-passengers. The car maker is offering cruise control system as an optional fitment that helps to stay within the speed limit and reduces fuel consumption by maintaining a constant speed on the highways. The cabin is equipped with CDR audio system as standard, which also has a seven inch touchscreen display with various controls. It features CD player, radio with FM tuner and RDS, 30 memory presets, dynamic auto-store and speed sensitive volume control. In addition to these, its Aux-in interface is given in the glove compartment that enables to connect external sources like compatible MP3 player. The PCM (Porsche Communication Management) is a control center for audio, communication and navigation functions. This vehicle is bestowed with several sophisticated comfort features like power windows with one touch operation, windscreen washer system with aero wiper blade, electrically adjustable mirrors with heating function and electric luggage compartment lid. Apart from these, it also has aspects like integral headrests on seats, storage compartment on each doors, clothes hook on seat back rest, door sill guard with model designation, vanity mirrors in both sun visors, reversing camera and cup holders.


First things first, that engine. In the Boxster, it’s a 2.0-litre turbocharged flat-four that produces 300hp and 380Nm. If you’re a number nerd, you’ll know that that comfortably eclipses the old Boxster’s 2.7-litre flat-six by 35hp and an incredible 100Nm. That’s the power of turbocharging, and the other benefit is that all that twist comes in at just 1,950rpm! 100kph is done with in 5.5sec, which is 0.8sec quicker, and that’s before you get to the vastly improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions. On paper then, it’s a hundred percent positive, but in a sportscar as highly regarded as this, the sensations are just as important. And this, sadly, is where the new 718 Boxster doesn’t quite hold up.

Out on the streets of Abu Dhabi, stuck in an unexpected traffic jam, the downsizing becomes very apparent. The 1,988cc motor feels distinctly turbocharged as it labours off the line each time and there’s that ‘cushion’ of resistance when you push the accelerator pedal before the power comes on in earnest. It feels and sounds strained at low revs and that’s a huge disappointment. That brilliant linearity and predictability of the old naturally aspirated six is missing. When the traffic clears, the chance to open the engine up a little reveals a much better experience, with the PDK gearbox masking a lot of the motor’s hesitation low down with its smooth and timely shifts. Then there’s the sound – it’s nice in a boomy, rorty, rally car way, and call me nostalgic, but it’s just not the same as a screaming, normally aspirated flat-six.


While going through the slow stretches which have controlled traffic arrangements, we noted how well the new Boxster can cope with everyday city roads. The chassis is stiff and feels like a proper coupé, thanks to 40 per cent more torsional rigidity, but the ride from the large 20-inch rims appears stiff, especially at low speeds. And although compliance and comfort improve as you go faster.

We spent most of our time during our Stuttgart sojourn in a Boxster equipped with the Porsche Doppelkupplung, or PDK, or dual clutch. The reality is that the Porsche semi-manual package is so good and so quick it will be the option of choice especially for those who expect to spend significant time stuck in traffic. Adding to our confidence was the Sport Chronos Package which features some trick magnetorehological transmission mounts. That’s the same basic technology that graces several new high-performance suspension systems, including those from Ferrari, some Audis and on the Cadillac V-Series.


Porsche provides anti-theft protection to its users. The Boxster is equipped with an alarm system for contact-sensitive exterior protection. For interior protection, a radar-based interior surveillance system is present. The Porsche Vehicle Tracking System (PVTS) is also offered to the users as an option. In case of an accident, the driver and passenger safety requirements include two airbags that pop out and inflate. Sensors are installed to determine the severity of the impact to decide on the inflation of the air bags. Porsche Side Impact Protection System (POSIP) ensures safety of the occupants through side bags that inflate out in case of a side impact. In the event of a rollover or side impact, the dual rollover protection makes survival space in the vehicle


The Porsche Boxter is a highly promising car that offers maximum driving pleasure and great speed within seconds. Its awesome exteriors match perfectly with its interiors which makes it the model one of the most successful ones. The safety features and the braking systems are suitable for the Indian roads and it certainly draws people’s eyes.Apart from all of this, it’s a Prosche, and that name is synonymous with power, aggression, comfort and brilliance.


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