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Porsche Panamera Price in India


The 2017 Porsche Panamera Turbo has been launched in India priced at Rs 1.96 Crore (ex-showroom, Delhi). This is the fourth car to be launched by Porsche this year and that too before the end of the first quarter. A part of the new-generation Porsche Panamera range, this is the second generation of Panamera Turbo Launched in India and features a host of design and cosmetic changes that have truly enhanced the visual appearance of the Panamera Turbo, which was subjected to quite a bit of criticism for the previous generation models design. The Porsche Panamera Turbo is the first car from the new-generation Panamera range to be launched in India. Launched at a starting price of Rs. 1.96 crore, the new-gen Panamera Turbo also comes in an extended-wheelbase Executive variant which is 15 cm longer that regular Turbo model and is priced at Rs. 2.08 crore (both ex-showroom, Delhi).



The newly launched Porsche Panamera Diesel edition looks no different from the existing trims. However, it gets a new set of 19-inch Turbo II alloy wheels along with Bi-Xenon headlamps with Porsche Dynamic Light System. For a luxury sedan, it comes with an immense pleasure in its exterior format, brought together with the most finely carved features. The front of the car has the characteristic company grille integrated to the bumper, with the emblem of the company branded atop. The Turbo variant has LED main headlights incorporated with a unique company dynamic light system (PDLS) as standard, while Bi-Xenon main headlights are standard in the other models. The daytime running lights are integrated into the main headlight units in the form of four LED spotlights. It has headlights integrated into the bonnet. And below are large, imposing air intakes, meant to provide optimum cooling of the engine and brakes. The bonnet stretches through to the wheel arches. The roof line slopes down towards the rear, imitating the customary sports car count which is made for aerodynamic superiority. The wings are higher than the bonnet and they add muscle at the rear. The roof line tapers down to the rear. The rear end contouring is sharp, definitive of elegance in modeling. Crisp and narrow LED taillights touch grandeur to the rear end. The more distinctive power dome on the bonnet, the side skirts and exterior mirrors altogether extract the most striking look for this series. A set of 20 inch wheels wrap off the elegance of build the machine has in sight.



There’s a world of difference on the inside. What was once a huge collection of buttons now sees a clean black touch-sensitive glass panel as the centre console. There are very few physical buttons; the upside being that there aren’t any ugly plastic blanks to be seen if you aren’t keen on blowing the serious cash that Porsche’s optional extras demand. It takes some getting used to but the touch system works. Helping you get some feedback is a physical sensation of a depression when you press it, a similar sensation to the iPhone’s home screen button. It’s a nice way to know if the button has registered your input but takes a bit more effort than I’d have liked.Above the touch panel is a long and beautiful high-resolution touchscreen display that resides in the sleek leather-wrapped dashboard. This screen occupies the traditional space of the central air vents, so Porsche has relocated them and split them into two sections. The first sits atop the dashboard and is controlled by thumb-operated slide adjusters. The second set of vents are positioned at the top of black touch panel, just below the infotainment screen. These are more interesting because they don’t offer manual adjustment. Instead, you have to choose the Climate menu in the infotainment system, then choose ‘vents’, which gives you access to a digital slide controller for the central vent. Using your finger, slide left-right or up-down for corresponding movements in the air vents. Both the driver and passenger get split control sections for their respective vents. It’s futuristic but far more tedious and time-consuming than standard physical controls.

The central glass panel flows continuously into a space for cupholders and a stowage bin before concluding in another console for the rear passengers. This console houses a high-resolution screen above another pair of digitally controlled vents and a similar glossy black touch panel. Stepping into the rear reminds that this isn’t just a sportscar, it’s also a high-end luxury saloon. The two seats offer generous kneeroom but I was seriously impressed with how much headroom there was despite the sporty new roofline. The seats are very comfy, the squabs extend forward and the backrests recline. Rear space and comfort is now very generous, and I imagine it will be truly opulent on the long-wheelbase Panamera Turbo Executive that has an additional 150mm between the front and rear axles.



All the Porsche Panamera in India variants come with technologically enhanced power mills that assists in fuel management. Coming down to the most awaited discussion on acceleration, the Porsche Panamera models can accelerate from 0-100kmph in a mere 6.8 seconds, with maximum average speed of 260kmph. The Panamera 4 can accelerate to 100kmph in just 6.1 seconds, while the diesel model with variable turbine geometry can manage 0-100kmph in 6.8 seconds with a maximum torque of 550Nm. The highest among all variants of Porsche Panamera in India, the Porsche Panamera Turbo has 7 – speed Porsche Droppel kupplung gearbox which can speed up to 100kmph in 3.8 seconds with a maximum speed of 306kmph.

Talking about the diesel engine for the Porsche Panamera India lovers, you start it and you are in for a surprisingly low noise as it is refined with very little vibration. For typical Indian roads, the Porsche Panamera in India soaks up the bump pretty well with a ground clearance of 143mm. To maximise the efficiency there is the extra poke with standard eight speed gearbox. As you hit the Sport button the throttle response is evident when compared to the softest setting. The steering is light at low speeds but as you speed up the steering that gets heavy, giving you control along with confidence over the car. You can enjoy the Panamera on high speed roads where it cruises just perfectly with its excellent suppression of both wind and road noise. Coming on to the motor, it has a very wide power band which when combined with weighted controls makes the Porsche Panamera in India easy to drive in traffic. The eight speed gear box makes the ride smooth and the acceleration thrilling.



An optional four-wheel steering system improves low-speed manoeuvrability, agility in fast corners and high-speed stability. It’s very good, but even without it the Panamera is supremely nimble considering its size. The accurate, beautifully weighted steering helps, delivering precise control and making the Panamera utterly confidence inspiring, and more rewarding to drive than any of its direct rivals.For the best handling go for the 4S; having a lighter-weight V6 engine up front means it changes direction with more aplomb than the heavier lump in the 4S Diesel. It’s a similar story with the Turbo S 4 E-Hybrid, thanks to its heavy battery pack.So far we’ve only tried the Panamera on optional air suspension – mechanical springs and adaptive dampers are standard – and the ride is firm but incredibly well controlled across heavily undulating roads. On really patchy surfaces the 4S Diesel is more jarring than the lighter 4S and Turbo models, but ultimately if you prefer a soft ride over tight handling, an S-Class Coupé or Bentley Continental GT might suit you better.

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The car is equipped with a lighting system that illuminates a curve during tight turns. It is designed to light up the direction in which the car is turning. In case of a minor impact, the airbags are partially deflated but in case of a major one, all airbags function at once, which means, the roof, windows and dashboard they will cover all. Stability management system helps the car in maintaining enough traction, especially when it is wet.The braking systems of Porsche Panamera has been sourced from a very reliable company, named Brembo. The Italian company made “Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake” known as PCCB. These are lightweight yet very effective. It comes with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), which prevents the car from sliding in case of hard braking.



The Panamera’s update comes at a perfect time, trailing the BMW 7 Series’ update by one model year and well ahead of the next Quattroporte update. Its long lines, wide variety of engine and drivetrain options, and its luxurious interior should keep the Panamera rolling off dealer showrooms. It might not be the Porsche the purists want, but the Panamera helps bring large profits that help pay for 911 and Cayman development – something everyone can be happy about. On top of that, this latest generation brings out the best-looking Panamera yet. And, while it isn’t exactly pretty to everyone, it will certainly make current fans of the car happy.

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Porsche Panamera Ex Showroom Price in Jaipur ranges from  2,08,34,362/- (Panamera Turbo) to  2,08,34,362/- (Panamera Turbo).Porsche Panamera has 1 Variants of Petrol are available in India. Porsche Panamera comes in 15 colours, namely Sapphire Blue Metallic,Black,Mahogany Metallic,Jet Black Metallic,Carbon Grey Metallic,Sapphire Blue,Chester Brown Metallic,Ruby Red,Carrara White,Agate Grey Metallic,Ruby Red Metallic,White,Rhodium Silver Metallic,Mahogany Metallic Metallic,Chester Brown.

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