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he original Toyota Fortuner was an enormous, powerful machine that made all manner of cars humbly move out of its way. The automotive equivalent of the mighty elephant, other cars gave it a respectfully wide berth and no one messed around. Now though, the handsome brute has had a makeover that has taken it from rough and wild to suave and polished. Think of it as Sylvester Stallone finishing up a gruelling day of killing commies on the sets of Rambo and then cleaning up to attend the Oscars. Sure, he looks all smart and sophisticated, but you know damn well that lurking under that sleek tuxedo is a mass of pure muscle that will crush you up like a paper ball without breaking a sweat. Check for review features & price of Toyota cars


At 4795mm in length, 1855mm in width and 1835mm in height, the Toyota Fortuner is a what you call massive. It might be smaller than the Ford Endeavour and the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, but at the same time, it is much wider than both the rivals giving it that unmistable road presence it carries. It has a huge ground clearance of 220mm making you feel the king of the road. The looks of the Toyota Fortuner have been improved in almost every way possible. It somewhat gets a Land Cruiser-ish front end which makes it look a segment above. The HID headlamps protrude nicely and the chrome on the hood scoop and grille give it the bling. The front bumper gets a bigger air-dam for better engine cooling. Seen side on, you notice the slight change made to the wheel arches and also the new multi-spoke alloy wheels. The side steps are also changed and now are of the ribbed variety. The rear gets clear lens type tail-lamps as well as an integrated reverse camera. In all, these changes go a long way in making the huge SUV modern and amazing to look at. The car is also available in two new colors – shade of silver and gold.


Featuring a seven seat layout in three rows, the 2016 Toyota Fortuner gets a new dashboard layout in dual tone – Black and Brown. There is a new steering wheel with four spokes and silver accents. You also get steering mounted controls. On the centre console is the touchscreen display which offers controls to the infotainment and navigation system of the car. Overall, the interior space has increased to offer more comfort to the passengers.2016 Toyota Fortuner will be loaded with new technology. To start with, it will get cruise control, auto AC, rear AC vents, keyless entry, push button start, arm rest for first and second row, hill assist, ABS, EBD, 7 airbags, body control, 4×4, 17 inch alloys, torque on demand, integrated frame for higher rigidity, touchscreen with multimedia and navigation functions, rear camera for parking assist, and much more


The Fortuner runs the same 2.8-litre turbo diesel from the Innova Crysta, and it provides strong performance. The motor feels more modern than the outgoing 3.0-litre D4d diesel engine in almost every way. The engine is more rev happy and provides more eager performance. At 177PS, it also makes 6PS more than before, but torque has shot up substantially, from 343Nm to 450Nm on the automatic (the manual version gets 420Nm). The engine is quite refined with both roughness and the typical diesel clatter well controlled, but it does have a rather loud note. The Fortuner gets a 6-speed automatic gearbox with the choice to manually shift gears either through the shift lever or by steering-mounted paddles. Strangely, whenever manual mode is selected, the digital screen in the instrument cluster indicates that the car is in 4th gear, even if you’re crawling in what is obviously first gear traffic. Changing gears after this causes in change in the number displayed but it isn’t always accurate.

The Fortuner offers an Eco mode that reduces throttle response and sets early gear shift point. There’s also a Power mode that makes the car feel noticeably quicker with sharper responses and allows the gearbox to hold onto gears for longer. Despite its bulk, the Fortuner isn’t too much of a slouch taking 12.3s from 0-100kmph and with plenty of surge available on demand for quick overtakes. Likewise, braking is impressive as well — the Fortuner coming to a dead stop from 100kmph in 3.2s and 43.8m.For such a large vehicle, the Fortuner returns decent fuel efficiency — 11.9kmpl in the city and 17kmpl on the highway — resulting in an overall 13.2kmpl.


The 2017 Toyota Fortuner gets an updated chassis which is stiffer and tougher than its predecessor. You instantly notice how composed the new vehicle is, as it remains very stable at high speeds. Handling too has improved although there is still considerable body roll around corners. The steering is heavy at low speeds which makes it cumbersome to drive in the city and out on the highway, it does weigh up decently. The ride quality has improved drastically over the first generation car but is still stiff over bad roads, more so at the rear. The Fortuner isn’t a very comfortable SUV as far as driving on Indian roads go. Request test drive for Toyota Fortuner in Cazprice

The Toyota Fortuner also sees drastic improvement to its braking, it stops faster than before and the pedal bite is reassuring. The company has equipped all wheels with discs. Our drive over the off-road section in an estate in Kerala showed the capability of the Fortuner which dealt with everything with ease. The new model doesn’t get full time four-wheel drive but the Sigma 4 system gets a switch to toggle between 2WD, 4WD and 4WD Low modes. It gets a virtual LSD which does braking on each wheel individually. There is ample ground clearance and the rugged ladder frame means it can do quite a lot of off-roading without getting stuck


Toyota hasn’t skimped out one bit on safety. Irrespective of engine or transmission options, the Fortuner gets 7 airbags, and antilock brakes with electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD). Additionally, the second row features ISOFIX mounts for the child seats, and all seven occupants get their own 3-point seatbelt. The automatic variants also feature Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Hill Assist Control. The 4WD variants get all the safety nannies as well as Downhill Assist Control.


The word “new” has lost its meaning with sales and marketing influences clouding its true significance. In this case, Toyota stands apart. Not only is the 2017 Fortuner new in every sense, it is leaps and bounds ahead of the previous-gen SUV. Everything from the design to the new engines on offer will not only attract buyers but will also see them appreciate the value that they’re getting in return. The diesel engine will be the obvious choice of many and it performs just as you’d expect a Toyota to – smooth, effortless and bulletproof as far as they’ve established their reliability. It’s pricing put it bang in the middle of the competition and surely, there’s road test coming up in the near future to now establish the best from the rest.

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